MRRTManagement of Radiology Report Templates (MRRT)
StatusTI Supplement
Test tools based onRevision 2014-07-30
Tool release date2014.09.16



The MRRT Test Tool is a web based application that is intended to be downloaded and used for your internal testing. It contains:

  • Simulators that accept and initiate MRRT transactions
  • Documentation that describes each test
  • Integrated controls in the documentation pages that initiate actions and evaluate results

The system does not require access to a database, nor does it require access to resources outside of your environment. The software does not rely on any services outside those provided in the web application.

System Requirements

Software tested on the following:

  • MacOS X 10.8.5, 8 GB RAM, 1.7 GHz processor

Software requirements:

  • A Java servlet container such as Tomcat. We test with and support Apache Tomcat 7
  • Java. We test with and support Oracle Java 1.7


  1. Retrieve the file from the download page. Unzip the file to extract the MRRT.war file.
  2. With your servlet container running or stopped, drop the MRRT.war file in the webapps folder of that servlet container.
  3. Start the servlet container (if not already running).
  4. Your servlet container should expand the war file into component folders. If your servlet container does not do this, you will need to switch to one that does (e.g., Tomcat).
  5. Edit the file: webapps/MRRT/WEB-INF/classes/runDirectory/MRRT.ini. You will see these two lines at the bottom of the file:
    • TemplateManagerSimulatorURL=http://localhost:9180/MRRT/rest/IHETemplateService
    • TemplateManagerUnderTestURL=http://localhost:9280/MRRT/rest/IHETemplateService
  6. TemplateManagerSimulatorURL refers to the simulator that is part of the test tool. The only value you need to change is the port number used by your servlet container. The default for Tomcat is 8080, and that is the default value.
  7. TemplateManagerUnderTestURL refers to a Report Template Manager that you are testing. If you are not test a Template Manager (e.g., you are testing your own Report Template Creator), you can ignore this value. If you are testing a Report Template Manager, enter the proper URL.
    1. Be sure to include the correct host and port numbers. The host is as seen from the system running the MRRT Test Tool. If your Template Manager is on the same computer, "localhost" is acceptable. If your Template Manager is running on a different computer, you will need to enter the proper host name or IP address.
    2. Please specify the proper path for your Template Manager. We do not expect or require you to use the path we have chosen.
  8. Stop and restart the Servlet Container to put these changes into effect.
  9. Open a web browser and browse to this URL:  http://host:port//MRRT
    1. This will connect you to the main page of the test software. You can navigate from there.

Test Instructions

All test instructions are included within the web pages of the MRRT Test Tool. Our goal is for that system to be intuitive to use.

If the test instructions are not clear, or if the overall system is confusing, please log a support request so we can improve the software.






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